What's digital accessibility and why does it matter? + Mushroom farming with Charlie Morris

"To get my mission of accessibility out there is not a problem of having the right tool, or developers needing to find the right tool — but rather teaching them all the benefits of accessibility."

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John McTavish
Mar 15, 2024
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This week’s guest Charlie Morris is on a mission to help startups, indie makers, and even BigCos make their websites and products more accessible for everyone.

Since joining the #BuildInPublic community on X late last year, he’s launched several indie-oriented products, an agency focused on accessibility and heaps more.

All on top of his regular 9-5 and also co-founding a mushroom farm with his partner last year 🍄

Here’s what we uncover in this show:

• Charlie’s motivation to grow awareness around accessibility and to do all this in public.

• The details of what it means to have ‘good’ accessibility, how to test it and why it’s a constant improvement journey.

• What major sites or products we can look at as great examples to learn from.

• How the mushroom farm inspired Charlie to start his indie maker journey.

And a lot more.
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