Making more beauty and value with generative AI | Zeng from PicAisso

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John McTavish
Jan 26, 2024
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One of the brightest creative minds in the gen-AI space joins the show to chat about her journey so far and what the future might hold.

Zeng’s got so many AI projects going on it was hard to decide where to focus without this turning into a 4-hour chat (which would be lovely).

But we managed to scratch the surface and, in my opinion, this is almost all one can do in terms of AI right now. The pace of change is furious, tools pop up and disappear too fast to fixate long on ‘the state of things’ now.

‘Cause tomorrow it’s gonna be different, and we both hope, better.

Here’s what we uncovered:

🐾 Zeng’s memories from the early days of AI art — being trolled and learning tricks to prompt beauty.

🔎 How she curates tools to share with her PicAisso community

⚒️ What tools creators and founders can use to quickly generate useful brand assets for their new product ideas

🫤 The dark side of AI — what we shouldn’t make!

Enjoy the show!

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