Inside look at Ternwheel — the new way to manage music show and tours ⚡️

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John McTavish
Feb 26, 2024
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Fresh off the launch just 2 weeks ago, Founder Ashanti Abdullah joins the show to share his story from backstage to launch day.

From the outside, concerts look like a party on the road every night. But the truth is each tour is run like a business and the tools to organize every stop were not quite fit for the purpose.

That meant inefficiency, money wasted and in the worst cases, unhappy fans & artists.

Ternwheel's here to turn that around and Ashanti brings the skills, support and network to make it happen.

We got into:

• His start in the music industry and landing in San Francisco to chase his idea for Ternwheel

• How live shows are coming back and why they're the main revenue driver for artists.

• The long road from ideas to a launched SaaS and what bumps were on the way.

• Fundraising, the launch and Ashanti's vision of success in the near future.

We're proud our team has helped bring the best v1 of Ternwheel to life and can't wait to see what we can build it into going forward with Ashanti. The show has just begun 🤘

Inside look at Ternwheel — the new way to manage music show and tours ⚡️

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