Flipner AI — your new content hub for notes, posts and more?

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John McTavish
Jan 22, 2024

Do you love to take voice notes with your phone every time a new idea pops into your head? 

Want to organize that hot mess into content that's actually useful?

Flipner AI might be just the solution you're looking for. But can it deliver on that promise?

Find out where I see Flipner's potential and what the founder could improve ahead of the Product Hunt launch on Jan 25th.

Here are my main tips for Alex:

1. Replace ‘texts’ as the cover-all outcome — specify what kinds of content Flipner will help folks create.

2. Give a few clear before-after examples of how the AI writing assistant helps transform voice transcriptions. There’s a lot of potential here if it does well!
Same goes for the style changes from AI, give us some convincing samples.

3. Condense the 6 listed use-cases down to 3, add a concise header for each and shorten the description texts — people scan these sections so you have to hook ‘em with titles.

4. Differentiate Flipner from other notes platforms. There are a lot and many of them have AI integrations already. If it’s the voice transcriptions, double-down on that.

Check out Flipner.com to sign up!
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