Become an unstoppable creator in 2024

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John McTavish
Jan 26, 2024

If writing more online is your goal this year — Alberto's tips and insights will help you reach it.

“You have to focus on small wins because maybe this week you get 100 impressions, next week you get 150 or a single post that finally gets two replies while the others received no feedback at all.

If you see these small wins, these small improvements every week, not every day probably, but every week — you see something.”

There are 3 reasons I’m stoked to have Alberto on the show:

His depth of experience and background — anyone who goes as far as completing a PhD in Comp Sci and then decides to write blogs instead simply raises at least one eyebrow in curiosity.
But that was (digital) ages ago, he’s been writing and creating on the web since the 00s and still brings joy and passion to it.

The experience — while I’ve had writers and marketers on before, Alberto’s the first who has focused on Medium for his long-form content. I wanted to know why and what he’s done to win a following there.

His experiments — one of Alberto’s posts on X caught my eye when he described his test of posting long-form content directly on X for a month instead of Medium.
He saw very little engagement on his long posts but got a lot from his reflection on the test. It’s always fun to chat with folks who are experimenting in public.

We got into all those topics and much more. If you enjoy Alberto’s perspective on writing online — go check out his free mini-course and Notion template aptly named The Unstoppable Creator.

Become an unstoppable creator in 2024

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